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St Mary's school, is an important part of the parish of St Mary's which serves the town of Carmarthen and surrounding areas.  

Pupils attend Mass once every three weeks with their class, and once a month as a whole class.  We also work with Parish to hold regular Family Mass celebrations on a Sunday.

Pupils have the opportunity to take an active part in Masses they attend, including:

  • reading the Old and New testament readings, the responsorial psalm, as well as the bidding prayers, which are often compose by the chilren themselves. 
  • taking up the offertory
  • helping to choose hymns to be sung
  • learning how to serve at the altar (usually in Years 5 and 6)

The school also takes the First Holy Communion classes for all children in the Parish, which children are able to attend in Year 3 and above. 


This term's rota for Mass is: