Catholic Pupil Profile


St Mary's school belives that education is about the development of the whole child, and we support this through the Catholic Pupil Profile.  The pupil profile is made up eight pairs of virtues that are rooted in the values of the Gospel, and give us a guide to how we should be living so that we can show:

"improvement in living and learning for the greater glory of God and the common good"

St Ignatious Loyola

At St Mary's. pupils are growing to be:

Compassionate and Loving Compassionate towards others, near and far, especiialy to less fortunate; and loving by their just action and forgiving words
Faith-filled and Hopeful Faith-filled in the belief and hopeful for the future
Eloquent and Truthful Eloquent and truthful in what they say of themselves, the relations between people, and the world
Learned and Wise Learned, finding God in all things; and wise in the ways they can use their learning for the common good
Curious and Active Curious about everything; and active in their engagement with the world, changing what they can for the better
Intentional and Prophetic Intentional in the way they live and use the resources of the earth, guided by conscience and prophetic in the example they set to others
Grateful and Generous Grateful for their own gifts, for the gifts of other people, and for the blessings of each day; and generous with their gifts, becoming men and women for others
Attentive and Discerning Attentive to their experience and to their vocation; and discerning about the choices they make and the effects of those choices