'Come & See' 

At St Mary’s School we teach Religious Education  using the Come and See RE teaching programme.

The Diocese of Menevia (which includes St Mary’s School) adopted the new scheme after consultation with Head teachers. At St. Mary’s we have been using the new scheme since the Summer of 2013 when it was trialled within the school. In Autumn 2013 each class began learning RE through the programme.

What is Come and See?

The Come and See RE Catholic schools Programme is a comprehensive teaching programme that covers all aspects of RE for primary school pupils.

It is cross curricular topic based programme that teaches the children all aspects of Catholic education through different learning activities that are enjoyable, interesting, challenging and varied. Each term the children explore the teachings of the Catholic Church, Christianity, and what it means to be a Christian and friend of Jesus through topic or themes based on the teachings of the Catholic Church, Liturgical and special times in the church year and special events in their own lives as Christians. The programme enable children to learn and develop spiritually and morally as individuals and as part of the wider Christian and church family. They also learn about other faiths including Judaism and usually Islam.

If you have any questions regarding the scheme please feel free to contact the school.